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Jun 6, 2020

Pi-Man is the first Watch App that enables you to view and manage your Pi-hole on your wrist. With its companion iPhone App, you can get detailed, real-time statistics of your Pi-hole with the ability to pause ad-blocking for a set period of time.

Streamlets is the first truly independant 3rd party App for Apple Watch that enables you to search and stream from over 26,000 stations worldwide, right on your wrist. What’s more, it gives you the option to play the radio broadcast either through a pair of bluetooth headphones or the Apple Watch speaker.

Words on the Street is a series of posts and interviews with fellow photographers who’s work I admire in the field of Street Photography.

The Past

ISS Watch for Pebble was an App for the Pebble Watch which displayed the next 5 passes of the International Space Station. Written in JavaScript and using the Pebble SDK.

The Distant Past

Roasting Pad for iPhone and iPad gave you cooking times for various foods with prompts and timers to move you on to the next cooking stage.

ShrinkURL my first App built and developed in the very early days of the Apple App Store was an iPhone and iPad App to shorten any weblink using the TinyURL or web services.